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Mango Teleservices has designed, installed & configured many different technical systems with in house resources and expertise. We have also defined and implemented various processes both internally & externally to integrate & manage clients such as telecom operators, partners like international carriers & other ILD operators & regulatory bodies (BTRC, NMC, BCC). We have very successfully bridged our technical solution, partner stakeholders and operations.We are supporting our operation with automated CRM, 24/7 NOC and committed MTTA & MTTR. Mango has an experienced & trained team.

To operate CA, we are extremely familiar with its technology, processes, have experience in designing, configuring & integrating of such similar systems successfully in the past. This is our unique ability and probably differentiated with any other organization.

For the CA operations, Mango did not need to mobilize any additional resources. Our in house team put the full CA system & processes. Most our present systems are already adjusted to handle the CA system. Mango CA is built on state of of its private cloud infrastructure. Our ready infrastructure for the CA system (like Data center, power, server array, storage, networking, redundancy through or DR site, utility & safety systems, CRM, NMS etc.) helped adopting the CA requirement with minimum time and quality of service is also proven and guaranteed. We are proud to say, the entire PKI architecture is built by 100% Bangladeshi Engineers and Experts.