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Prove document origin, add approval signatures, and prevent tampering
Mango CA’s Class-2 Individual or Enterprise Digital Certificates allow you to digitally sign Microsoft Office documents. A digital signature is the virtual equivalent of a wet ink signature, carrying the signer’s identity and assuring the reader of the document’s integrity.

Placing a digital signature on a document proves the information originated with the signer and has not been altered, allowing secure electronic document workflows to replace tedious, paper-based processes.

Benefits of Digitally Signing Microsoft Office Documents

  • Enable secure electronic document workflows
  • Ensure document integrity and authorship
  • Save time and resources by replacing paper-based workflows
  • Meet compliance requirements associated with electronic workflows
  • Legal Protection as per ICT Act-2006 and IT CA Rule-2010 of Bangladesh
  • Supported Program includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, VBS Script, all supported version from Microsoft Office 2003 and onwards release.
  • Email Client alternate to Outlook such as Thunderbird or Apple Mail also supports S/MIME
  • Also works with Apache Openoffice and Libreoffice

Add visible and non-visible signatures to Microsoft Office Documents. A signed document carries the signer’s identity and alerts the reader if any changes have been made since the document was signed, ensuring document integrity.

System Requirements:
– Internet browser to download and install Certificate (we recommend Internet Explorer or Firefox)
– Microsoft office 2003 or higher
– Can Use for Email Signing as well using Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird or Apple Mail.
– Can be used with USB PKI Token to Sign