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Desktop PDF Signer features multiple signing that enables a user to sign PDF file multiple times by selecting digital signature certificate, and it doesn’t limit the number of signs. This tool allows signing PDF file without any need of Adobe Acrobat. It helps to simplify the process of signing PDF files with digital signature certificate to confirm the identity of the originator or reviewer

  • Digitally sign and time stamp PDF file using SHA 256 hash algorithms multiple times.
  • Completely PKI neutral and work with PKI components from any vendor.
  • Load certificates stored on Microsoft Store and also have flexibility to browse P12 or PFX certificate files.
  • Encrypt the document with protection password
  • Change Certification label option
  • Verify Digital Signature Certificate before signing.-
  • OID check
  • Certificate validity check
  • CRL verification
  • Key usages check
  • Extended Key usages check
  • After completing signing procedure save the signed PDF on the specific location of the user PC.

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Encrypt and sign documents of a folder by selecting digital certificate | Support all crypto token | Protect user content | User friendly