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Webmail-Sendmail Project features signing the mail content that enables a user to quickly sign the mail by selecting digital signature certificate issued against his/her sendmail email id. Besides that user can upload digital certificate files against specific users which can be used to encrypt the mail content. Webmail helps to simplify the process of encrypting and signing mail content with digital certificate to protect the user content and confirm the identity of the user.

Webmail-Sendmail Project enables users to send mail by encrypting and signing the mail content with X.509 Digital Certificate. It also has alternative to only sign the mail content with X.509 Digital Signature Certificate. It can identify incoming signed mail.

  • Encrypt the mail content using uploaded digital certificate files by using encryption algorithm..
  • Digitally sign mail content using SHA 256 hash algorithms.
  • Completely PKI neutral and work with PKI components from any vendor.
  • Load certificates stored on Microsoft Store and also have flexibility to browse P12 or PFX certificate files.
  • Verify Digital Signature Certificate before signing.-
  • OID check
  • Certificate validity check
  • CRL verification
  • Key usages check
  • Extended Key usages check

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Encrypt and sign mail content by selecting digital certificate | Support all crypto token during signing | Protect user mail content | User friendly