eTIN registration which means Electronic Tax Identification Number(eTIN) registration process is started in Bangladesh.This process is to be done by online. NBR has has published a circular about this matter. The process has started from July 1, 2013. All new taxpayer gets 12 digit number as well as existing Tax payer also receives a new 12 digit TIN number. Anyone can get their new TIN number from anywhere online by fulfilling their information in the website .

From January 1,2014 all 10 digit TIN number will be invalid. So NBR has requested all taxpayers to collect new 12 digit TIN number for 2013-2014 year.

On the above change management, Mango has contributed development on automated signing on the eTIN certificates of the users in real time. In parallel Mango CA has also delivers the SSL certification of the said domain.

On a auspicious occasion on e-Gov seminar held at BCC auditorium, Mango presented the case study of the said eTIN solution to the audience.

The  Presentation material can be found here: Egov-NBR-Case-Study.