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This section is for class 1 signing and encryption certificates that are issued to individuals


It is used to authenticate an email address only.

Subscription procedure

It is mandatory during the registration and issuance process applicant should get verified by MANGO CA nominated RA office or officer. Therefore the applicant will be asked to submit a number of documents to aid in the verification process.

Register and activate your account online as per instruction.
A Customer Identification Number (CIN) will be created and generated for all future correspondence.

To Begin Registration Click Here

Once your account is activated as Go to “Apply” section and complete all necessary parts of the online application.

Receive auto generated application

If your online enrollment/application is completed, you will receive a set of electronic documents in PDF format in your email address. You need to download and print all the attached documents and apply signature in necessary sections.

Additionally, you have to attach below listed supporting documents too.

  1. Two copies of passport size photograph of the Applicant.
  2. Copy of valid Passport (1 to 7 page) or National ID Card (front and back leaf).

All documents must be attested by a gazzeted officer or to be notarized.

Make Payments

Make Cash Deposit to the following Bank details at any branch in the country-

Bank Asia
Account Name: Mango Teleservices Limited
Account Number: 02-836000024

Send the application to Mango RA office/officer

After completing all the above steps, send the documents (including Completed Registration Form, Signed Subscriber Agreement, Attested NID and any relevant optional documents, Photocopy of the Cash Deposit Slip) at the following location or to your nearest RA officer-

Mango Teleservices Limited
82, Mohakhali C/A, 12th floor, Dhaka, 1212, Bangladesh

Check Application Status

Depending on the Certificate type (soft/dongle), registration process completes usually within 5 to 7 working days. Once your application is verified and approved, you will receive confirmation notification in your mobile and email.

MANGO CA holds the right to reject the certificate request if it finds the application is not meeting the criteria.

You can check your certificate status, invoices and do more by logging in “My Account” section.

MANGO may at its discretion take steps to verify the documentation received, for example it may:

Verify National ID or Passport Record Details
The MANGO Registration Authority Administrator (RA) will verify the information supplied and is the person with the final authority to permit a certificate application to proceed to completion.

Registration Completion
All registration details provided and the Certificate Signing Request generated will be stored on the MANGO registration database as soon as they are received. These details will remain on the registration database while any verification is being completed. Following successful completion of the verification phase, the certificate request is flagged as ready for processing.

Physical presence
For Class-1 Individual type of certificate Physical presence may not be required, Mango CA would decide on case to case basis.

The validity period of Class 1- Individual Certificates is one/two year depending on your application

Assurance level
Class 1 certificates are appropriate for digital signatures and encryption where assurance level is low.

It will authenticate an email address or other digitally signed files & forms to its signature provider’s associated name within the Mango CA database. Appropriate to be used for digitally signed email application, file or form signing, client authentication, secure email, transactions or other applications.