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The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) Bangladesh handed over officially Certifying Authority (CA) License to Mango Teleservices Ltd on an auspicious occasion on 19 January 2011.

As a Certifying Authority (CA), Mango is mandated to provide the electronic certificates for digital signature and authentication, e-Commerce, e-payment, e-procurement, Internet banking and various developments of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the country as per the government ICT Act-2006 and ITCA Rule-2010.

With the introduction of this CA certification, clients will now apply digital signature for various content security and authentication purposes. Mango Teleservices Ltd has developed in house indigenously required software and pertinent architectures required to maintain the certification system as well as to materialize the vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh.

Mango CA will provide individuals, business and government organizations with a complete online identification and security infrastructure to enable secure electronic transactions. Besides certificate provisioning, Mango CA delivers high quality professional services including security consulting, PKI deployment and custom application development.

As a licensed CA, parties relying on Mango CA certificates enjoy the benefits of evidentiary presumption and users are assured of the legality and security of their transactions.

Our Missions

Mango CA, the certification authority division of Mango Teleservices Limited, is a third Trusted Party and the first only entity in Bangladesh to introduce Digital Certificates and SSL certificates for government agencies, businesses and individuals. Our mission is to authenticate online communication and transactions using our technology and experts. It is our job to build TRUST to “Secure your digital life with us.”

Our Objectives

We encourage the Electronic-infrastructure to grow within a secure community where each party holds a digital identify that mirrors the actual identity and therefore they would be able to recognize each other and communicate with each other with trust within a secure community we build. In order to fulfill these objectives, we provide different types of Digital Certificates attached with a wide range of secure solutions.

Security Solutions

In addition to functioning as a public CA, Mango CA converges into a Security Solutions Provider. Mango CA has a whole suite of cryptographic-based security solutions that can optimize any investments in public key infrastructure (PKI).

Security Consulting

Mango CA provides high value security consultancy to help organizations that are interested in moving towards implementing or expanding the business use of cryptography and managing the quick deployment of turnkey security solutions.

Government-to-Business Applications Support

As a licensed CA in Singapore, Mango CA will be the identity provider to Government-to-Business applications. We shall provide the secure modules for server-to-server authentication, digital signing and encryption.

Solution Scopes:

The aim of Mango CA is to become your most reliable provider of Digital Signature Certificates. It offers you Digital Certificates for a wide range of applications. It also develops tailor made applications for you, such as-

Digital Signature Certificate issuance on different classes
Managed IT and Data Center
Online procurement services
Online authentication services
Payment gateway and processors

Mango has world class network, equipment, team and international carrier partners. Above all, we have excellent group of people who upholds the belief of the organization theme tag- “We are here to CLIC (Connect, Learn, Innovate & Collaborate)”