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Class-1 Individual

Class-2 Individual

Class-2 Enterprise

Class-3 Individual

Class – 3 Enterprise

Class-3 Server & Device

Digital signature for e-mail and documents

Digitally sign your e-mail

Digitally sign official documents/communications (pdf & doc files)

Digital signature for form signing & web applications

Digitally sign forms

Digitally sign web application forms

Data encryption

Encrypt your e-mail

Encrypt sensitive data shared over the web, originating from certified individual/device

Probable Application


Online Tax Returns

Internet Banking

Online trading

Bill Payments

E-commerce transactions

SSL Security


Electronically authenticate individual/device identity to web servers

Obligatory electronic proof of identity for regulatory purposes

Applicability to online transactions and e-commerce

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other secure login-based transactions requiring strong authentication

Physical authentication and confirmation by RA

Legal Validity for non-repudiation

Binding as per ICT Act 2006 & IT CA Rule 2010

Individual/Personal Use

Enterprise/Organization Use

Digital Certificate obtaining Application procedure Applying for Digital Certificate

Requires verification of applicant credentials (NID/Passport)

Requires physical presence of applicant during verification

Requires RA or Sub-CA involvement