The objective is to incorporate Digital Signature facility in the present business registration application of RJSC, so that paperless and complete electronic application process including back office work flow can be completely performed concerning work speed improvement.

Scope of work to integrate Digital Signature

The following tasks were performed by Mango Teleservices Limited-

  1. Mango assessed the requirements of RJSC and presented developed module/solution to the Task Force for acceptance.
  2. Mango implemented the accepted solution/module within the application of RJSC which enabled the system to receive digitally signed document from the business applicants and to verify the digital sign online. The implementation also enabled the present system to produce digitally signed documents.
  3. Mango provided digital signatures for RJSC and in consultation with the Task Force Mango also provided digital signatures to RJSC officials.
  4. Mango also conducted a training session for RJSC officials to use digital signature in the system.
  5. Mango ensured the appropriate measurement of security for the implementation of Digital Signature with the application in all phases of implementation the project.


Download the white Paper: RJSC-White-Paper now!