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Have you lost your Certificate or Crypto Token?
If you have lost your certificate or crypto dongle, you have to revoke it immediately. Please follow the instructions below to apply for the revocation process:
Login to your portal
Login with your email and password at
Click Revoke from your Portal
After login, click “Revoke” link under Application tab from the left panel.
Your present certificate status
If your certificate is found in our database, an application form will load under this “Revoke” link.
Inform the reason of revocation
Fill up the form by selecting a specific reason of revoke and submit it.
Receive email confirmation
Wait a while. You will receive an email from Mango Certifying Authority with PDF attachments.  If you have not received your mail in your INBOX, please check also your spam/bulk folder.
Send us your revocation application
Submit the printed and signed form to a Registration Authority. Otherwise, you can send the scan copy of the document and email to Alternatively, you can also fax the document at +88028814537 this number. You can find the RA email address and fax number in the body of the email too.

Start Revoking