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Is your certificate expired?
If yes, you have to renew your certificate immediately for your usage continuation. Please follow the instructions below to apply for renewal process:
Login to your portal
Login with your email and password at
Click Renewal from your Portal
After login, click “Renewal” link under Application tab from the left panel.
Your present certificate status
If your certificate is found in our database, an application form will load under this “Renewal” link.
Renewal eligibility
If you’re eligible to renew, an agreement form will load under this “Renewal” link before 21 days of your certificate expiration.
Should I select Edit option?
If you think, you need to update few information in your application, select the edit option in the agreement form and accept the agreement. Now you can edit your previous application form and proceed as previous enrollment process.
No, I do not need to update any information, previous records are still valid
If you continue without selecting the edit tick box, you will be redirected to payment page. Fill your payment information. After completing the payment form, an email with multiple PDF attachments will be sent. If you have not received your mail in your INBOX, please check also your spam/bulk folder.
Print all PDF Attachments
Download and print the renewal request and payment PDF file and apply your signature in the applicable areas of the document.
Submit the prepared documents to RA office
Submit the above preapred documents with payment receipt/slip copy to Mango Registered Authority office.

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