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Certificate Practice Statement (CPS)

Version Mango-CPS-V3.160117-1-Final (Approved from the office of the CCA)


Mango CPS

This document MANGO CA CPS represents the manner in which MANGO Teleservices
Limited will operate its licensed certification authority business (MANGO CA or MANGO) in the provision of digital certificates (the MANGO CA Service).
The implementation of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a complex undertaking involving tight and stringent business process and IT controls, which this document details.
This document contains the ways in which MANGO CA will create a registration authority, accept registrations, verify details, issue digital certificates and manage digital certificates as part of providing PKI solutions to its customers. It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in generating and using digital certificates.
This document covers the following operational aspects of the MANGO CA Service:

  • The operation of all Certificate Authority (CA) services.
  • The operation of all Registration Authority (RA) services.
  • The operation of all Registration Authority Operators (RAO) services.
  • Customer agreements.
  • MANGO CA certificate policies.
  • MANGO CA certificate applications.
In addition, this CPS indicates the type of applications that the issued digital certificates may be used for. The types of applications include, but are not limited to, email; transmission of documents; signature of electronic forms; and authentication of network components such as Web servers and firewalls.
You can Download / Read the full version of the CPS in PDF format.